Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman: The Core Collection

The Pixiwoo girls on YouTube are some of my favourites for make-up tutorials!  Their experience and technique really sets them apart from all the other beauty YouTubers.  Like the rest of their hundreds of thousands of subscribers, I was really excited when Sam announced her Real Techniques brush range!  Despite the brushes being available online for some months now, it was Boots releasing them in stores that spurred me into purchasing... it's so much easier not having to wait for delivery!

What can I say about this Core Collection?!  Well, I literally can't say enough good things!  Made up of the (L-R) Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush and Buffing Brush and at £21.99 in Boots for the set, these brushes are an absolute bargain!  Particularly when compared to the likes of MAC and Bobbi Brown.  In the gold-bronze colour, this set is aimed at creating a flawless base, and everything about the design achieves that.  The synthetic bristles are the softest things EVER!  Easy to clean and the density of the Buffing and Contour brushes in particular is perfect, the result being just the right amount of buildable product application.  These are the brushes I use by far the most, I've actually used the Buffering Brush everyday since I got the set!..  To apply both foundation and / or a bit of bronzer.

I'd love to own all the Real Techniques brushes now that I've had a taste of these four!  In particular the Essential Foundation Brush from the Travel Set,  the brush looks to be slightly larger than the Foundation Brush in this set, which is quite narrow.  I don't have the patience to use it to apply foundation all over my face on an everyday basis!  This pointed brush is perfect for tidying up the base though!  I love to use it to tidy up any fallout from my eyeshadow.  The other brush that makes me green with envy every time it's featured in a Pixiwoo video is the Domed Shadow Brush, also from the Travel Set, it looks perfect for applying eyeshadow and under eye concealer!  I've been using the Detailer Brush in a similar way, but with it being thinner I've found it better for eyeshadow / liner detail and covering up those pesky spots!

Let me know if you've tried these brushes!



  1. I keep hearing such good things about real technique brushes. Still hmmming and ahhhhing whether to get some

  2. I'm saving up my boots points for these, I'm almost there! haha can't wait to get my hands on the buffing brush :) everyone seems to love it! xxx

  3. I'm going to treat myself to these brushes the week after next I think. :) xx


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