REVIEW: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush & Eyes Starter Set

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - £9.99
Real Techniques (Eye) Starter Set - £21.99

These aren't my first Real Techniques brushes and they certainly won't be my last!  To say I'm a fan is a real understatement.  I can't say I'll never look at any other brushes, but these certainly are my favourites at the moment.  They have been since I bought my first set, the Core Collection, and it was the Buffing Brush from this set that spurred me on to buy the Expert Face Brush!  I hadn't used anything else to apply foundation, tinted moisture or BB cream since buying the set (other than my fingers when I've been waiting for the brush to dry after being cleaned!), so thought the expert Face Brush would be a perfect back-up.

This brush is a tiny bit thicker, with bristles that seem that tiny bit shorter than the Buffing Brush.  For me it means I have to work a bit harder to buff in my make-up, but it works really well when I want that bit more coverage.  The Expert Face Brush won't replace my beloved Buffing Brush, which I wish was sold separately, but having had the Buffing Brush for nine months now and it still being in good shape I'm not worried about having to replace it anytime soon anyway.  I'm happy that I've got the Expert Face Blush for when it's needed though.

If I'm being totally honest, I picked up the Eye Starter Set pretty much just for the Deluxe Crease Brush - after constantly the Pixiwoo ladies using it to seamlessly apply under eye concealer!  It really is perfect for that!  I've always just used my fingers for concealer, and even though I still do sometimes when I'm feeling a bit lazy, I've found it's densely packed brisles  makes applying my Bobbi Brown creamer concealer a so much easier.  Where I used to really struggle to blend this concealer in and also keep a decent level of coverage, achieving a perfect finish is now a breeze!  I quite like the Base Shadow Brush for the same reason, but this is obviously also really great for shadow!  I actually use this for applying crease shadows and blending more than I do the Deluxe Crease Brush.  The other brushes are also really nice, I do find both the Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush and Brow Brush a little thick for everyday make-up, but that's just my preference.  The sturdy bristles are perfect for that more dramatic look!

When it comes to the the case/ holder, this is one thing that I feel is a really nice extra touch.  But truth be told, I've never used it,  maybe if I was a bit more organised it would get used!  I don't know, what do you think??

Let me know in the comments below if you've used these brushes, what did you think?

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  1. I've always wanted to try real techniques brushes, this is a lovely review! xx

  2. I love real techniques, I've got the core collection on my xmas list for this year :) really want to get the eye starter set too, looks great
    Daniella x

  3. I love your blog could you check mine out sometime

  4. i have mostly all of their brushes and i think that they're fantastic :)


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