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Grey Living Room Decor Inspiration

Just before Christmas we moved into our new home.  It was a long time in the search - 38 house viewings and 6 months to be precise!  We really didn't want a temporary house, which is what our last place felt like (though we loved it!) so I'm really glad we waited for right place.  The location and outlook of the property is what really swayed it for us, and although every room needs something doing to it we were both excited about the potential!

In between family visits and Christmas shopping we (Chris more like) started chipping away at the living room.  We had a hard decision to make, but we decided to take the first step by remove the gorgeous carpet, yeah right!... What would you know, the room looked better straight away!  The photos below show our progress so far - sorry there are a few iPhone pictures in the mix!

As you can see we have painted the walls a light grey (Dulux Egyptian Cotton) and painted the ceiling, coving, skirting and fire surround white.  I love it!  The white fire surround makes all the difference in giving the room a facelift.  Our plans are to lay a dark real wood floor.  We wanted to strip the floorboards as they're in great condition, but we're going to put a new floor in the dining room, kitchen and hall so didn't want to be stepping down a few centimetres into the living room!  We also want to fit some white blinds and then for the fun bit, furniture and accessories!  Chris and I have both agreed we want a stylish grey sofa but I also can't help browsing for decor accessories! 

Because the room is going to be very grey and light I want there to be a lot of bright accents to set it off.  I've put together a few of the pieces that I've been coveting in this post.  Made.com has been my mecca recently, I love the brightly coloured cushions as well a nice statement light fitting!  I can't wait to hit the shops and show you guys the finished room!

Follow us on this blog as we renovate and decorate our new home!  Exciting!

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  1. As you know, I'm a massive fan of made.com. And grey paint!! One thing we've also really embraced is not painting ceilings white - it's worth considering in other rooms as it makes the coving 'pop' and is something you can get away with with higher ceilings - it's a slightly trickier job to do as you need to cut in the ceiling paint carefully, but (we think!) the effort is worth it. have a look next time you've over! x

    1. The idea of painting the ceiling a shade other than white is really great, it looks so fab in your place! I'n not sure our little 1920's house will look quite as good, the ceiling's aren't quite as high as yours, def worth considering though! Really looking forward to Saturday, see you soon hun! xxx

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  5. So pretty and what a huge difference a little colour and exposed floors (love darker wooden floors) can make! x S.

  6. I think this renovation job will be very exciting. I just love the look on that fireplace and I'm already coming up with great renovation ideas myself. I'm looking forward to how great the end result will look. Kudos!
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