REVIEW: Bioderma Créaline TS H20

I wanted to write a review on a product I don't think any of you guys would have heard of before, let me know if I'm mistaken!  No seriously though, I'm currently in France and what's the first thing you do when spot a French pharmacy?  Pop in to check out the cult beauty products roaming the internet of course!

I picked up the Très Sèches version, to be honest without even noticing there was anything different about this version compared to the standard version I'd predominately been reading about online.  After spotting the 'TS' and wondering what on earth it meant, a tiny bit of research revealed that this was simply for sensitive skin.  I saw this as a massive bonus because I regularly get very dry irritable skin around my eyes, which was one of the reasons for me taking so much notice of this product in the first place!  I paid €13 (£10.85 at the current exchange) for the 500ml bottle, I could have picked up a double pack which worked out cheaper but I wanted to give it more of a trial go first before I committed to two bottle of the product, I visit France a lot so have plenty of opportunity to pick up more if I want - I know availability is one of the main downers for people in the UK.

I've used this a handful of times and I have to say, for glorified water, this is a great product.  I know it's gonna be a lifesaver on those extra tired/ drunken nights when make-up removal just seems like the biggest chore ever!  I have been getting through 5- 6 cotton wool pads soaked with the product to remove all my make-up, including mascara, from my face and neck.  I followed most times with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for a deeper cleanse and light exfoliation, but I'd happily skip that part without worrying about my skin.   Bioderma Créaline TS H20 really feels as gentle as water - no stingy eyes after use! - but leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without that horrible dry tight feeling water can leave.

I would definitely buy Bioderma Créaline TS H20 again, I much prefer it to other water/ oil based cleanse toner products I've tried, which can leave skin with a funny residue or feeling stripped of all natural oils.

Have you tried this cult beauty product, or any other products in the Bioderma range?  I'm in france till Tuesday so have plenty of time to pick up any of your recommendations to try!

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  1. I love this for a pre-cleanse too!! Stock up while you're there!!
    x x

    1. It's been perfect for when I've felt lazy on holiday!! :) xxx

  2. I haven't tried this =( wish someone would go france for me!

  3. I love this, I use it to remove eye make-up everyday.


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