Electric Blue Dress

I just wanted to post a quick Outfit Post to let you all know I'm still alive!  Since getting back from from France I've been pretty busy at work, and pretty obsessed with the True Blood series on my Kindle... seriously, my Kindle is my favourite thing right now!  The True Blood books are so trashy, I love them!

This was just a simple outfit I wore for a night out over Christmas / New Year, I'm loving electric blue at the moment and I love teaming it with gold accessories.  This dress was just a nice cheap and cheerful skater style dress from H&M, it's been around the blogger circuit a few times now!  I'm not convinced that the bright red lip thing suits me, after years of resisting I thought I'd give it a go, but think I'll stick with neutral in future!

Well I've got quite a few posts lined up, I just hope I get the time to get them posted on a regular basis!  In the meantime let me know what you're reading.  I'm just about to start A Game of Thrones but need some ideas for when that's finished!

H&M Dress |  Urban Outfitters Belt (old) |  Primark Earrings



  1. I have this dress love it :D x

  2. Love the waist belt!!

    feel free to follow back :)

  3. that colour and you need to get together more. you look beautiful. x


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