Models Own Pink Fizz

I, like most of the blogging community, took advantage of the recent Models Own 50% off sale.  I finally received all my goodies yesterday, but stay tuned for more on what I got, coming soon!  :)  Within half an hour opening the package I tried out the polish I was most excited about, Pink Fizz, and it totally lived up to expectations!  It's the most glittery polish I own and the most gorgeous silvery-pink colour!  I actually feel like a child playing at princesses wearing it... and I love it!  Obviously being a glitter polish it wasn't the easiest to apply, it took three coats to get to this density of glitter, but I expected it to be more of a pain... saying that I am dreading removing it!

I also bought the the Nail Art Pen in the sale, this was my first EVER attempt at leopard print design... don't laugh!  I didn't actually plan to try any nail art with the Pink Fizz polish, but I couldn't resist and actually quite like the look!  I really can't wait to try it again, hopefully I'll be able to perfect the leopard print!

Before I signed out, I just wanted to say I've a massive amount of respect for the girls that regularly post about nails (example)!  I struggled SO much taking these pictures... picture me awkwardly trying to hold the polish and photograph it, fail!!  Also, apologies for the general state of my nails!  They are completely ruined at the moment!



  1. That's pretty good for a first attempt! Very pretty.

  2. Ah I got Pink Fizz too and it's amazing isn't it! I love the leopard print too, you can't tell it's your first time! Amazing! :) x

  3. Awww thank you ladies! You're WAy too kind!... loving it though, keep getting distracted by it while typing at work!

  4. hey found you on twitter :)
    oo these are so pretty im defo gunna buy some n give it a go.
    wanna follow each other?

  5. Amazing idea, love the colour you have used!! xxx

  6. I Lovvveee that nail varnish!

    Please follow meee!


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