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Silver Gold Plated Aquamarine Ring: Glamourite (via*  |  Silver Ring with Tibetan Turquoise Stone: Independent Store in India 

My two favourite rings at the moment are the two newest additions to my collection!  I own a ton of rings but hardly ever wear any of them, until I picked up these two little lovelies.  I picked out this stunning Glamourite ring after writing a quick post about the fabulous I love the fact that's it's got three stones in a beautiful aquamarine colour, I also don't have many gold rings and thought because it kind of reminded me of the YSL style of ring popular a few years ago it was definitely one to add to the collection!

The chunky silver ring is a little something I picked up on my recent trip to India.  I've had so many complements on it that it has to be best the 600 rupees that I've ever spent!  I've always loved a good chunky ring and the stunning green Tibetan Turquoise stone set it off perfectly.

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  1. So pretty, the gold one in particular is gorgeous, very unique :-)

  2. both lovely, but HELLO! aquamarine ring. Very summery x

  3. Beautiful rings design always adorn your finger and adds magnificence. These rings are available online India at affordable prices and also they can never become obsolete because of its immence esteem and significance.


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