Sleek Nude Collection

I'm a massive Sleek Make Up fan.  Recently every time I've passed a Superdrug I've found myself checking to see if the Au Natural Palette, from Sleek's recent Nude collection, is in stock... either all the Superdrugs in Leeds are really rubbish at keeping on top of stock levels, or this palette has been insanely popular!  There are already tonnes of reviews online of this popular budget range but I thought I'd add my two cents to the pot!

I always go in for the nude eye, so first impressions of the Au Naturel palette were 'Love It!'  Which is what I tweeted Sleek when they wished me luck in finding the palette.  However that soon switched to disappointment once I started testing out the shadows and discovered the lighter, top row, colours had barely any pigment at all.  Other than 'Nougat' and 'Taupe' these colours barely show up, as you can see from the swatches, luckily these two colours are gorgeous.  I know I'll get lot's of use out them as highlighters!

The darker shadows were more like what I was expecting from the shadows, beautifully pigmented and a nice mix of shimmer and matte, this lower row absolutely pull it back after the disappointing lighter shades and make the palette an amazing buy for £6.49!

When I was comparing the Au Naturel palettes with the Sleek palettes I own, I was actually slightly miffed by the number duping going on in the palettes... something I didn't notice when buying them!  With the Storm, Oh So Special and Au Naturel palettes side by side I realised across the the three I have at least two of each of the shadows, and three of the 'Noir'!  It's a good job these a fab shadows!  I'll get my use out of each and every one!!

L-R:  Oh So Special, Storm, Au Nature

I also picked up the Pout Polish in Sleek's Nude Collection, Bare Minimum.  I think the pout polishes are fab, I've got a couple and love the fact they contain SPF15.  Like the rest of the sleek range, they are amazing value coming in at about £4.30.  The pigment of Bare Minimum isn't great but it's enough to give lips that lovely, yet subtle, nude glaze, which is exactly what I go for on the lips.  I love how the pout polishes also smell yummy!

What do you think of Sleek Makeup?  Have you tried anything from the Nude range?  Let me know if you would recommend anything else!



  1. I haven't tried any of the palettes yet, but these all look gorgeous! Such a bargain too.

  2. I have the original, storm and sunset palettes. I'm tempted by this one but I think if there is some duping then I might leave it for a while and try+use up what I've already got. I really like the one pout polish I've picked up, Peach Perfection. I've heard a lot of good things about Bare Minimum so might have a look next time I'm in Superdrug.

  3. they look awesome! :P
    they kinda look like shades from the Naked Palette! :P

  4. @ Carly - I'd really recommend them, you get a bit of fall out if you're not careful, but I can live with that for the price! The colours are lovely!

    @ Essjay23x - Yeah, that's probably best, esp. if you've got the Storm palette... as you can see from teh pics the are quirte a few similar colours! I was looking at peach perfection pout polish... think it's next on my list!

    @ MrAJBx3 - Yeah I'd read that on other blogs, it's very good to know as I'm still in two minds about shelling out for the naked palette!... might be able to put it off a bit longer! :)


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