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I can't believe this is my first post of October!  Bad blogger, bad bad blogger!  These (nearly) three weeks have felt like ages, and definitely a lot longer than the week or so I mentioned in my Quick Update post!  I've some good times, and some not so good times,  while I've been away, so I thought a quick catch up post was in order.

I had an amazing, and much needed, holiday the last week of September.  Back to the island  of Gozo, which is soon becoming my second home, I visited my sister with my parents, boyfriend, cousin and cousin-in-law (such a thing?).  Four of us stayed in the most amazingly restored traditional farmhouse, it had so many beautiful original features, as well as a great little pool for keepy uppies.  We spent our days visiting beaches, swimming and eating... lots!

I'd planned a massive post on this holiday alone.  However it was a disaster technology wise!  I dropped my iPhone and it ended up getting water damaged.  Sob!  Although it's magically self-healing, it's still not working properly and I lost a lot of photos.  I was kinda relying on my iphone, since my camera decided to give up and go into a coma half way through the week, it was pretty old!  I managed to piece together the photo montage from the few pictures I salvaged from my iPhone and the few peeps but up on a facebook... the 500+ photos my boyfriend took, he managed to accidentally delete while updating to the new iPhone software! Disaster!

Since returning to the UK I've had to borrow my mums old 3G, it's been through the wars but at least it works!  Just to be clear, my mum smashed this phone, not me.  Now it just serves as an emergency back up. Really can't wait for the insurance to come through on mine though,  I'm seriously missing the iPhone 4!

I spent the weekend in Birmingham last weekend, with my two besties.  We were down for two wedding fairs.  Yes, two!  Although wedding fairs aren't particularly my cup of tea, I was there for my friend, and we had such a laugh!  Charlotte is getting married next September, and I'm a bridesmaid! Exciting! The National Wedding Fair was way too hectic and over-the-top corporate, but The Designer Vintage Fair was fabulous.  It gave Charlotte lot's of inspiration and I really enjoyed browsing the vintage table decorations, cupcakes, shoes and dresses.  I even managed to locate some bloggers!  If any of you are getting married I'd definitely recommend reading OMG I'm Getting Married and Rock N' Roll Bride, even if you're not getting married these are just really beautiful blogs!

In other news , work has been crazy busy (no change), and I've had a massive addiction to Game of Thrones!  I can't wait for season two!  I started watching it only because parts  were filmed on Malta and Gozo... but I was soon hooked and watched the whole first season in about a week!!  For any of you that have watched it you'll recognise these pictures, of the Azure Window, Gozo, and me and Chris stood at Mdina, Malta :)

So, that's about it from me!  I've got a loads of post ideas so can't wait to get back into the swing of posting again.  Thanks for sticking around the last few weeks, it's great you guys have continued to comment on my older posts too!  See you back on here soon!



  1. Great photos, Gozo looks beautiful.

  2. OMG your iphone is broken! :S
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