NEW IN: Models Own Nail Polishes

I've featured some of my Models Own purchases on my blog already, along with my dodgy attempts at nail art!  I've been holding off posting about the rest of the nail polishes I got in the 50% off sale, partly because I've been a bit of a bad blogger, but also because there was a slight mistake with my order.  It was a slight disappointment after unpacking the fabulously packed polishes to discover that, instead of 'Golden Peach', I was sent 'Bubblegum', slightly to noon a pink for me!  I think I might be giving this polish away!  The mistake wasn't a problem though, the really helpful team at Models Own sent out the Golden Peach polish once I informed them, although it took a while to reach me, now I've got it, I really love it!

Pink Fizz, I love the colour and chunky glitter.  In this picture I had applied two light coats which looks fab, but I also love it with a couple more layers, which you can see pictures of here.

Proper Copper, a lovely coppery-metallic colour with tiny flecks of gold.  This was the colour which I was most excited about for autumn.  I do love the colour, but was more than disappointed with the polish as a whole.  Little air bubbles in the formula pretty much ruined the finish, also the packaging was pretty much broken.  The first time I opened it the lid came off, slightly inconvenient when trying to apply polish!

Purple Grey, a perfect colour for the autumn winter and perfect to apply!

Golden Peach, the colour I waited so long for!  Not quite peach, but a beautiful golden orange.  I wished I picked this up over the summer months though!

Juicy Jules, I love the disco ball effect of this polish.  I'm looking forwarded to layering this with just about every polish I own!

Purple Ash, a gorgeous plum colour and again, stunning for autumn.  Very easy to apply too!

Did any of you guys pick up any nice Models Own polishes in their 50% sale?  Let me know what you think of their polishes, and my picks.



  1. I love all of these, I have the golden peach one :)

    It is bad one was broken though!

  2. I've been meaning to buy some Models Own polishes for a while. Sadly I missed the 50% off sale. Loving pink fizz especially. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. I love Models Own polishes. Beth's Blue is one of my favourites in my collection and I adore golden peach too. I do find that happens alot with thier bottles though. You sort of have to push down as you undo it to stop the lid pulling off.


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