LIFE: Chocolate Making - British Gas RHC Challenge

British Gas Remote Heating Control Chocolate Making Event
A few weeks ago I popped over to Manchester with my friend Louise.  British Gas, along with, had challenged me to use their new Remote Heating Control* to see how I get on with the device after a day out.  The day out I found myself attending was a scrumptious day of chocolate making* with the My Chocolate team.  I'm a massive chocolate fan, and so is Louise, so this was very exciting!

We spent the day getting very messy (despite the sexy plastic apron!) tasting a wide range of chocolate and making lots and lots of chocolate treats.  It was a lot of fun decorating giant chocolate buttons - it's harder than it looks to make a round chocolate button!  My favourite part of the day was making the truffles, I actually feel like I've gained a skill!  I was amazed with how professional they looked once they'd been decorated with a bit of coconut and pink chocolate sprinkles!

At the end of the workshop we had a wonder round the shops in Manchester and also stopped at Tampopo for some lunch.  Now if you know Manchester you'll know it can rain A LOT.  It rained a lot when we were there.  It was absolutely freezing and by the time we made it back to the train station to head home we were pretty much soaked!  With  an hours train journey from Manchester to Leeds it was the perfect time to set my heating to 'on' via the Remote Heating Control App.  I was very grateful to return to lovely toasty house!

To say I've come to rely on this nifty little app is an understatement.  Unfortunately with the weather in the UK being like it has been during these so called 'spring' months, we've had to have the heating on a little more than we'd like.  Not only has it been great to be able to set the heating on just before you get home, or turn it off if you decide stay out and away from home a little bit later than planned, if you're like me this app is perfect if you're too lazy to get out from under a blanket to turn up the heating.  It can all me done from your phone!

Check out the British Gas website if you're interested in trying out the Remote Heating Control yourself!

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