Brighton 2011

If you follow me on twitter you'll perhaps know already that this weekend I visited the wonderful town of Brighton for the annual reunion that takes place with my awesome uni mates.  Since graduating from Newcastle University in 2007, despite having spread to different corners of the UK and beyond, we've made sure to meet up every summer since, making Swansea 2007, Cardiff 2008, Blackpool 2009, Lake District 2010 and now Brighton 2011!  Brighton 2011 will certainly go down as one of the best!  We had an amazing time, did a bit of drinking, a lot of eating, visited the pier, played the arcades, went on some rides and had very little sleep!  I thought I'd share this little montage of pictures to give you a bit more of an idea!

I wanted to take some outfit pictures while I was down in Brighton, but after taking a few shots when I first arrived, the excitement of the weekend meant there was little time for posing.  Here are a few pics of the boring yet very comfy outfit I wore to travel down from Leeds.  As you can tell, the sea air did not agree with my hair!  Frizz alert!

Over-sized Shirt:  Primark
Bag: Ebay Focco
Boots: Miss Selfridge



  1. wow this looks like brilliant fun. the way people talk about brighton has somehow always deterred me from going - guess i imagined a dirty, trashed beach filled with drunken youngsters... this post makes me want to visit very much lol! perhaps i should, next time the suns out... did u have good weather?

  2. I love Brighton, and no, it's not like that at all... well, not compared to a lot of other british seaside towns! Of course there are some areas that aren't to everyones taste, as there are lot's of arcades and bars aimed at stag and hen do's... But during the day a walk along beach is lovely, and the town itself is really stunning, with some fab shops and cafe's! You should def visit if you get the chance!

    We were really lucky with weather! It was absolutely boiling Fri and Sat, it rained on sunday - quite heavy - but we didn't mind cos that's when we were heading home! :)


  3. That is so nice that you all still meet up every summer and pick a different city every time - you look like you had a lot of fun from the photos!

  4. Thanks Selin, it was great fun! Took me a few days to recover! :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I love brighton in the Summer - shame about the horrible weather at the moment though! xx

  6. Love your outfit! Super cute! Looks like you an amazing time!


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