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If you're reading this post from a subscription feed I bet the first thing you thought when you saw it listed was... who?

It's been a long time hey?  I actually can't believe the last post on here is from JUNE!  It really doesn't feel like that long to me, because I've still been reading blogs on a regular basis and I'm still very much a fashion and beauty junkie!  The break has been a long time though, and with lots of people in my personal life asking if I'd given up on blogging I thought it was about time I sorted it out.  Cue dramatic, lonely-looking picture of me walking through some woods, and a random bit of waffle I'll categories as 'update' to get me back into the swing of things!

So, what have I been up to?  In as few words as possible; we sold our house, put all our stuff in storage, moved in with my parents and viewed 30+ properties around Leeds until we found the 'one' (we were close to calling Phil and Kirsty many a time - seriously).  We've not moved into the new place yet but we've got a date set in December.  Finally!  I've also been working a lot of long hours at the office, so with that and the house hunt, finding the time, energy and motivation to blog has been tough.

The last few months haven't been all slog though!  I've managed to squeeze in a few nice weekends away with friends, a girls holiday to Ibiza and a family trip to Malta... not to mention starting and finishing Breaking Bad - how good is that show!?

So, now you're all up to date I promise that you that Charlotte's Collection will be back to business as usual.  Stay tuned for the usual beauty reviews, outfit and lifestyle posts as well as the plenty of home decor and update posts - I can't wait to be all moved into our new place and start decorating!

Thanks for sticking around!!

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  1. Aww lovely to see you back I have recently just starting blogging again after a really big break x

  2. Ooh can't wait to see the new place Charlotte! Glad you're back in action :)


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