NEW IN: TK Maxx Home Haul

We are no way near the stage where we should be buying ornaments or soft furnishings for our new house, but I can't go into TK Maxx without coming out without at least a few bits and pieces - it's an Aladdin's cave of loveliness for the home, and more!

When we popped in the TK Maxx Home Store, HomeSense, looking for a larger piece or furniture all thoughts of a coffee table or chair went out of the window when I spotted the glass trinket boxes for only £7.99 each.  Both trinket boxes came with a 'Passport to India' label - I wonder if this is a TK Maxx brand as I can't find anything about Passport to India on the web.  I'm not sure what I'll end up storing in these little beauties but I plan on displaying them on them the shelves we plan on installing in the alcove of our living room.

I can't ever resist giving ALL the candles in TK Maxx a good stiff, the Pecksniff's Gardenia & White Peach candle has that lovely fresh laundry smell and with a pretty little silver lid, I couldn't resist taking it home - to also sit on the living room shelves, once they're up!

The last, and possibly my favourite new item, is the cute little wise words journal.  As soon as I picked up the journal Chris asked whether I really needed another note book that I wrote next to nothing in - I suppose he's right, but of course my answer was YES!  how could I resist that little owl motif! 

Are you like me in TK Maxx or HomeSense - never able to leave without a little something?  Let me know if you've picked up any bargains recently!

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  1. I love those trinket boxes - what a bargain!

  2. I love tk maxx for home pieces too - you can really find some unique things. I too am redecorating and am finding it so hard to resist buying trinkets before I am in a position to put them out!

  3. Tk maxx is THE place for 'different' things. I love it.

  4. Tk maxx is THE place for 'different' things. I love it.


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