REVIEW: No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover Beauty Blog Review

I feel like I've already reviewed the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover on my blog, it's such as a staple skincare product for me that surely I would have already posted it about it... evidently not, so here you are!

At £8.50 from Boots the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover doesn't break the bank but it's definitely not the cheapest eye make-up remover either, I've repeatedly repurchased this product because it simply does its job so well!  

A mixture of two oily substances the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover needs some vigorous shaking before use, but once nicely mixed a splash on a cotton wool is all you need to melt away your mascara etc. with little need to rub your delicate eye area.  The oily consistency to the product leaves the area around your eyes feeling soft and conditioned, a slight oily residue remains but that soon soaks in, if you were to leave it - however I always follow up with a different cleanser in order to remove all traces of make-up from the rest of my face.

If you've tried the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover do let me know what you think in the comments below.

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