Random Photo: Park Guell, Barcelona {20 June 2007}

When we finished uni my housemates and I decided to celebrate by going on holiday to Barcelona.  It was an absolutely amazing holiday, we got up to all sorts!! Now we only see each other a few times a year - with us being spread all across the UK, and even further afield!  I miss you guys!

P.S.  I don't think this photo is mine, I've had it on my computer for AGES but it could actually be my bessie, Charlotte's.  Hope you don't mind me using it dude!  :)



  1. Hy! I'm new follower!

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  2. Thank you for following Mimme!

    Charlotte x

  3. wow, gorgeous photos! i just love this town. moved here in january... never want to leave! didn't have a chance to see parc guell yet though, but it is clear that i have to! just wanna share a tip with you also, regarding accomodation. it's a company called barcelona-home, i have been staying with them since winter and i must say i'm quite happy!

    check out the website:


    they don't charge any commission so that's also very convenient!

    felt i must share this tip with all fellow barcelona lovers, especially if you want to return some day. ;)

    have a good one!
    aiden from london.


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