The Sun is Shining, Let's Shop!

Hooray!  The sun was out and you could almost describe the weather as warm today!  I was actually able to wear an outfit suited to spring when out n about shopping in town!

Top:  H&M
Cardigan:  New Look
Trousers & Belt:  Primark
Shoes:  Primark
Earrings:  Warehouse (I think, they were a present)

I picked up a few things in town so thought I'd share them on here :)

(Top to Bottom)

Scarves:  Primark
I actually first saw the yellow print scarf in Fleur De Force's recent haul video on YouTube, I thought it was pretty at the time but absolutely fell for it after seeing it in the flesh.  The mixture of animal and abstract / geometric print is perfect for spring 2011.  I also loved the floral scarf, it's over-sized so perfect when it's chilly!

Heels:  Primark
These sweet little kitten heels have been in Primark for a while now and finally decided to buy them!  They claim to have a comfy insole, we'll see after a day at work or night out!

Vest Top:  Topshop
A fab staple for summer!

T-Shirt:  H&M
The deep orange-red colour is stunning and another perfect item for spring 2011.  I included a small picture of this top on as it looks really wide hung up but on it's just nicely over-sized for a casual look.

Bracelets:  H&M
The two lovely little bracelets on the left are a great, very cheap and very cheerful copies of the Whistles cord and cube bracelets.  I bought the cream plaited bracelet to wear with the Whistle copies.  These came in a massive variety of colours and it took me absolutely ages go choose!

Angled Brush:  H&M
Another brush for blush / contour always come in handy!  This feels like great quality for the price, £2.99!

Let me know what you think of my recent purchases in the comments below!



  1. oooh lovely Charlotte!
    I really like that orange t-shirt you bought from H&M, it really suits you :) xxx

  2. Thanks Claire! I'm really looking forward to you posting something new on your blog, it's really good! :)


  3. Thank you :D
    Your blog is really good as well, very interesting!



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