New Stuff!

I've picked up a few pretty bits and pieces over the last week or so and thought it might be nice to share them with you.  There is a bit of a mix of items, some from my recent shopping trip in York and holiday to Gozo where I picked up these lovely accessories and things for the home.

Storage Box - TK Maxx
I'm always searching for some decent storage and recently it's my scarves that have been without a home!  I've tonnes of pretty scarves and when I saw this gorgeous storage box in TK Maxx I immediately thought it was perfect.  I plan on rolling up my scarves and placing them all in here so that they are all relatively easy too see at glance when I'm running out of the house in a rush!

Storage Jars - Lakeland (Herbs & Spices - Gozo)
Still on the storage theme!  I bought some fabulous herbs and spices on one of my trips to Gozo.  These spices are amazing and we put them in nearly all of our cooking, they go particularly well in pasta sauces!  We've always just kept them in a couple of sandwich bags sealed with clips, so I thought it was about time we gave them a proper home!

Plastics Cups - Habitat
These pictures were taken in a really bad light, but these very cute cups are actually purple, pink, orange and red.  These are in the style of those little plastic cups you get in water dispensers, but instead they are a long life durable plastic.  I actually got these for work!  I only drink water at work but there are only ever small glasses in the office, they  are never enough for me so I saw these and thought they'd be perfect to use there!!

If any of you ever get to visit the island of Gozo you really need to visit Organika, in St Georges Square, Victoria!  It's a treasure trove of gorgeous little gifts, accessories, decorations, clothes, food stuffs and more.  All fair trade.  I loved this little pink leather bound notebook at first sight, it's perfect for carrying around in your handbag and the beads on the spine really give it an edge!

Oil Diffusers - TK Maxx
I can't get enough of oil diffusers, they make a room smell gorgeous and are lovely looking decorations with the reeds in them.  I've not actually smelt these yet but I chose Vanilla Cassis and Vanilla Currant.  Yum!

Stud Earrings - Accessorize
These 3 little studs come in gun metal grey, gold and silver, they have embossed detail and just great little staples to have in the collection!

Pumps - Accessorize
I actually bought these cream pumps in London after going down for a meeting last week, my feet were killing because I went down for the day with only one pair of heels, so I suppose I was forced to buy these pretty little shoes ;)  I've worn these a few times now and the flower detail really dresses up a casual outfit.

Bag Hook - Monsoon
This is such a great little gadget ...though it doesn't actually fit on my coffee table, you can get the idea!  It takes up literally no room in your bag and is perfect when in a restaurant or at work / school and want to keep your new bag off the floor.  It's also very cute!



  1. so cute! i need to get a storage box like that!

    love your blog, following you now :)

  2. Really fancy the bag hook from Monsoon, must get one on my return xxx


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