John Rocha Black 'Lexus' Frill Shoulder Bag

I've desperately needed a new bag for ages now, so I didn't have to think twice about what to ask for from my parents for my recent birthday.

During a recent shopping trip I quickly spotted the black ‘lexus’ frill shoulder bag by John Rocha for Debenhams and straight away thought that it perfectly suited what I was looking for.

Brand new, labels and all
Frill detail
The back
So you can get an idea of the size
Please ignore the extremely casual clothes,
this picture was taken on a very cold and very lazy Sunday evening!
Pictured in different lighting

I wanted something fashionable yet classic, adaptable and practical, as this bag will mainly be used for work.  However I also wanted something that could look ‘dressed-up’ if I wanted to wear it out for a meal etc and I think the gorgeous frills add just that touch.  I tend to carry a lot around with me too (at any one time: purse, keys, gloves, umbrella, sunglasses, novel, Italian dictionary, make-up, the list goes on and on…!) so the fact that this bag has a 3 different compartments is a definite plus!  I'm really pleased with the quality of this bag, the leather is lovely and soft, the inner finishing is great for the price, and now I've road-tested this to work I know that it can comfortably fit all the junk that I insist on carrying around!!  I just wish that it came it some different colours!  ...I’m not sure I would have gone for anything different though, I have a light coloured leather jacket which I’m going to be wearing more as the weather gets nicer, so I think black would be the best contrast against this, rather than any kind of camel or teal colour, which potentially could clash.

~ Charl



  1. Such a Gorgeous bag. Hope you visit back :)

  2. What FUN bag and oh so practical, like you said! Classic and lovely!

    Liesl :)

  3. so cool! I love it!


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