REVIEW: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara (Discontinued)

I hope you don't find this post too random, being that this mascara was discontinued earlier this year (I think)!  However, when I recently found the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara in the cosmetics section of TK Maxx I was reminded how this was a mascara that I'd repurchased a couple of times in the past. I'd simply forgotten about when it disappeared from stores!

I remember reading tonnes of conflicting reviews when this mascara was originally released.  Obviously the main feature of this mascara is the vibrating brush, something originally done by Lancome and Dior.  I have generally always preferred a larger brush, with proper bristles, which does give more volumised look than plastic bristles, but was of course intreged to try out this new idea in mascara 'technology'.  Well, as you may have guessed by this not being my first purchase of Pulse Perfection, I really like this mascara!

With a button that requires being constantly held in for the vibration action, this mascara can take a bit of getting used to.  Also, and not surprisingly, the thing that takes most getting used it is of course, the vibrations themselves!  Following the instructions, and starting by placing the mascara wand at the base of your lashes, does tickle!  I always feel like i'm going to sneeze, DISASTER when mixed with wet mascara!  I've never actually sneezed using this mascara though, PHEW!

Once you do get used to the vibrations, and operating them, this is such a quick and easy mascara to use.  The vibrations distribute the mascara beautifully whilst also lengthening and separating the lashes.  Because of the way the vibrations distribute the product, if you're a lazy make-up girl like me, you'll love the fact that this mascara does not need numerous strokes of the brush, the below picture was done with one coat!

More of a day time look, I know, but I think it's lovely.  I was so glad when I found it in TK Maxx!  Since re-discovering the Pulse Perfection I've had numerous complements on my lashes, each one making me ever so slightly gutted that this mascara is now not so easy to come by!... Luckily a quick google search still brings up a few online stores that still sell Pulse Perfection, for bargainous prices too! 

Did any of you guys try Maybelline Pulse Perfection when it was originally in stores?

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  1. Hi Charlotte.
    I used to use this Mascara, I wondered where it had gone! It never made me sneeze.
    Anyway I enjoyed this post and am enjoying your blog :)

  2. fab review! i think i need a new mascara too!
    and you need a models own nail pen! they are best things in the world, you really do need one and loving thee new banner!!! hope you are good!! xxx

  3. Yowza, your lashes look amazing!! A good replacement mascara may be L'Oreal telescopic mascara I love it!!!

  4. Charlotte, really a great review! I`d buy this mascara with pleasure! I love cosmetics that does not take lots of my time and does its work - I mean deliveres the proper effect and result!
    I`d also like to recommend you some Organic Surge pieces - they are simple at use and gorgeous in result, especially Daily Care Face Wash and Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser - easy to use!!! and now at BROODON it is given away for free to try! :) Please, keep up to make such a great posts!

  5. This is actually one of my favorite mascaras, I'm really sad it got discontinued :(

  6. I loved this mascara and I actually bought me some on ebay after they discontinued it but I have just about used it all up. They still have some on ebay and I think they are like $13.99 each.


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