OUTFIT: Winter Coat

Apologies for the grainy quality of these pictures, I'd carted my camera out to York to take some outfit shots, but when I pulled it out of bag I discovered the battery was completely dead!  Doh!  Seen as I was in beautiful York I couldn't not take some pics so had to make do with the good old iPhone...

I couldn't leave it much longer without getting a new winter coat, it's just absolutely freezing at the moment! When shopping for a new coat I had a good idea that I wanted fur on it, all the other details in my head were pretty vague!  As soon as I spotted this fitted, skirted coat in H&M I knew I'd found 'the one'!  At £59.99 I think was quite a bargain, and to be honest I can't afford to spend much more at the moment.  The detatchable fur collar made it even more perfect, I'm sure there will be times when I don't fancy wearing the fake fur, and the collar has even come in handy when I wanted to jazz up an old leather jacket recently!

No matter how much I love this coat, I still can't quite get over the fact that summer is over and it's freezing all the time... but it goes someway to helping!!

H&M Coat  |   Primark Blouse & Jeans  |  TK Maxx Gloves  |  Miss Selfridge Boots (last year)  |  Ebay Focco



  1. Gorgeous coat! And I love gloves in winter.

  2. Thank you! I forgot to mention where I got the rest of my gear from in this post! the gloves are from TK Maxx, they're great for really quality looking gloves, these ones are v cosy!

  3. Lovely coat! I know, I'm still mourning summer haha...I really need to invest in a proper winter coat too x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

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