Earring Stand

My earring collection is something that is constantly expanding, but storage for them all is seriously lacking!  Too many lovely pairs of danglies were neglected and forgotten about in boxes and drawers, so I decided to get myself onto e-bay and ordered this bargainous pretty little earring stand.  With 72 holes I thought it would go a long way to helping me store and display my earrings, but as you can see from the second set of pictures, it's well, not quite, and all these aren't even a fraction of my collection!  I do love this lovely little rotating stand though and it looks stunning on my chest of drawers.  Now I'm eyeing up this slightly larger stand

What do you think you think of this stand?  How do you store your jewellery?

If you want to know where I got any of the earrings just leave me a message in the comments and I'll get back to you!



  1. wow. that is a lot of earrings. Love the turquoise ones at the top.
    I am so not an earring person. I just keep the same ones in!

  2. this is just gorgeous, what a wonderful idea! i have the same problem - forgetting about lovely earrings because i just never see them! i'll definitely look into buying something like this! xxx

  3. @ Laura - I know what you mean, for work I jhust keep the same one's in, only wear my danglies if I'm doing something... hopefully this stand will remind me to wear them more! Ya know, those turquoise ones were from MK One about 3 years agao, remember that shop?? Where on earth did that go?

    @ Mel - I'd really recommend this stand, it worked out about £6! Bargain! :)

  4. Woow! your earrings is COOOL!!!

  5. Woow! your earrings is COOOL!!!

  6. This is great.. Urban Outfitters'd got something similar to this earring stand.. love your collection btw:)


  7. I should probably organise my jewellery like this but I don't half half as many items as you hehe
    I just have a jewellery drawer, which is crap because most items I forget about :(


  8. Earrings have always been an essential part of any women's jewellery collection. 


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