This Week #11

The title of this post is a total lie!  Any of you who are regular followers of my blog will realise that I've not done a Week in Photos type post ALL YEAR!  For shame.  So I've selected a few instagram photos from the last few weeks to give you guys a bit of an update!

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Favourite thing at Wagamama's, Ramen!  //  Some of my recent buys  //  A Game of Thrones is my biggest obsession at the moment!  //  A frosty morning walking to work  //  I've just discovered I like Turkish Delight!  Where's it been all my life??  //  A pineapple and a pineapple cutter...  //  ...Perfect slices of a pineapple!  //  Nude nails with a cross design, my default nails of late  //  Saw this advert and was just so happy that I'll be there in less than a month!  //  A Starbucks treat!  //  Elks in the woods  //  A snowy scene  //  An amazing burrito!  //  The second Game of Thrones book!  //  On my birthday!  //  My Valentine's present!  //  Love hearts!  //  Home made pizza  //  My new Kindle sleeve  //  No idea how this happened!  What a mess!  //  Saturday lunch... empty!  //  Cocktails in York!  //  The biggest glass ever!  //  Finished!!



  1. I love burritos! There's a chain called barburrito in Manchester and they are amazing! Xx

  2. nice blog ^^ loves it
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy

  3. What a coincedence, came across this blog as I am always looking out to follow different people and Im from Malta! Have a great holiday :-)


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