HOW TO: (Nearly) Heat Free Waves

How to Hair Heat Free WavesHow to Hair Heat Free Waves BloggerHow to Hair Heat Free Waves BloggerHow to Hair Heat Free Waves Blogger

I feel like I'm constantly in the midst of my 'Hair Conservation Project', what I named my continued quest to rid myself of split ends!  I've recently decided to use minimal heat as possible, which has meant having to be a little more creative when trying to create loose waves!  

Here's my current routine:
(bearing in mind my hair does have a bit of a natural wave to it, and isn't the thickest so dries quite quickly)
  • Shampoo and heavily condition the ends
  • Run some serum through the length of the damp hair
  • Blow dry the roots, gently blasting the rest of length - all on a cool setting
  • While the ends are still damp separate the hair into sections
  • Twist! Into what I can only describe as a mixture of dreadlocks/ ringlets
  • Continue twisting until hair is dry (or as long as you can face wait)
Additional step if you're going somewhere special
  • Spritz with a heat protectant spray
  • Curl a few strands with straighteners or curling wand to add a bit more definition.

In other news it was my birthday yesterday!  Thank you to all my friends and family that sent me cards and pressies, and everyone who sent me lovely birthday wishes, texts and messages on facebook and twitter!  I had a really quiet one, mainly because I was full of cold and felt pretty rubbish.  Chris ended up taking me for a lovely meal though, we went to a Greek restaurant.  Yum!

I'm currently every so slightly obsessed with Game of Thrones, I'm reading the second book on the kindle at the moment.  This bronze H&M jumper seriously reminds me of chain mail... which is kinda the fashion in the books!   The jumper is made of a really heavy, almost metallic type material.  It's not exactly warm, with the amount of holes it's got in it, but I love the colour and the really baggy fit.

H&M Jumper  |  Follie Folli Bracelet  |  Can't remember where the ring is from - sorry!

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