Marks & Spencer Perfume

I don't usually look at much other than the food in Marks & Spencer, but when I was waiting for a friend to finish in the loos during a shopping trip I thought I'd have a wonder round the perfume section.  And I'm very glad I did!  The Marks & Spencer perfume collection is perfect for affordable scents!  It was all the pretty bottles that caught my eye, they were totally inspired by high end perfumes, like Michael Kors, Chloe,  Marc Jacobs and Givenchy... after a few sniffs I noticed the fragrances were a little high end 'inspired' too!

With full size 100ml bottles coming in at only roughly £12, and prices starting as low as £3.50 for 10ml, what better for a little handbag fragrance?!  There was a 'buy one get half price' offer on throughout March so I ended up with two of the purse sprays for only £9!

Leilah is an incredibly sweet fruity-floral scent, just what I'm drawn to!  With top notes of mandarin and raspberry, apple and lily mid notes, and rich base notes of vanilla and musk, it very much reminds me of Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!  The design of the full size bottles of Butterfly is also very Marc Jacobs-esc, the scent is also JUST like the popular DKNY Be Delicious!  Again, just my style with 'fresh green' notes of apple, cucumber and grapefuit mixed with magnolia flower, rose and violet on top of the base notes of musk and amber.   Yum!

You can probably guess from the price tag but these perfumes don't last a massive amount of time, but we all know that can sometimes be the case with perfumes you have to pay over 50 quid for!  If you're on a budget and want a cheap and cheerful perfume I'd definitely get yourself down to M&S!!



  1. I may have to try Leilah as I've been wanting to try Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola so would be good to try something similar for a cheaper price! xx


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