Picture Update #15

Illamasqua Smash nail polish, which I got at the fabulous Meadowhall Blogger Style School  //  My lovely Clippy Bag  //  I love my new purse, from TK Maxx  //  York Minster  //  Writing a blog post  //  Brilliant way to get someone to purchase a chocolate bar!  I was convinced!  //  New Ikea candles, they smell amazing!  //  New Journal from Home Sense, I'm obsessed!  //  Free glasses from Lollapalooza 2009, still going strong!  Lollapalooza is the best festival ever, I really want to go back to Chicago again for it!  //  Quorn sweet and sour!  //  I found a load of lipglosses in the bottom of a drawer, time to chuck them out I think!  //  Mummy to be, at my friends baby shower  //  Cupcakes at the baby shower  //  Bubbly at the baby shower!  //  Me before leaving for a night out  //  Salvo's Italian restaurant!  //  I've been eating a lot of Innocent veg pots this week, yum!



  1. ooo love the journal - gonna have a gander at those

  2. Hello! I really love your blog and I nominated you for the Leibster Blog award. Please check out my blog post about it :)


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