REVIEW: Avène Skin Recovery Cream

One of the top products on my 'to purchase' list during my recent trip to France was the Avène Skin Recovery Cream.  I first picked this up in Boots, about a year ago, when my skin became quite sensitive from over cleansing and toning - I now make sure to stay away from any nasty toners containing alcohol!  Usually my skin is quite oily, so at first it felt a little strange to be using such a thick rich moisturiser, and I was concerned that it could cause some me to break out.  However I had only being using this about two days before it had calmed my irritated skin right down and fully rehydrated it.

The product worked so amazingly well in such a short space of time, but other than to use it on the odd occasion as an all over moisturiser to rehydrate my skin, I'd pretty much forgotten about the product.  That was until round about last November when I started to suffer with really dry, sensitive skin around my eyes.  Everything I tried to soothe it was just excruciatingly painful on application and seemed way too harsh to use around that area.  It was really starting to get me down.  It just wasn't worth using any kind of cosmetics or eye cream on the area, as for a start I wasn't sure what was causing the irritation but I also didn't want to have to use any more products than necessary due to the pain!

It took me a while to think about trying the Avène Skin Recovery Cream, but yet again it delivered.  I persevered at first mainly because it was the only product that didn't sting on application, however in just over a week the dry skin had drastically reduced, and it wasn't long after that that the area was totally back to normal!

I still get the dry skin from time to time, but if I'm quick Avène literally clears it up straight away!  I don't ever want to be without a tube of the Recovery Cream now, so I'm going to be sure to stock up whenever I visit France, ya know, to save the pennies!  This tube, that I picked up in a pharmacy in Normandy, uses the Avène's D.E.F.I system.  A really great cap system that, once the product has been squeezed out, prevents any bacteria getting inside the packaging and contaminating the formula.  This really appeals to me, as I do get concerned about my skincare staying sterile, so there's one less worry there!

Let me know if you've tried any thing from the Avène range, I'm looking for ideas of other products to stock up on when I got back to France in July, so all suggestions are welcome!



  1. Never tried any products from Avèna, but I've always heard it's a good beauty line; I think I'm going to try it on!
    So, are you coming to Florence? Welcome dear! Hope the weather will be good as now! xo Fra

  2. Avene has the best products. I am a huge fan. Sadly, they are super expensive in Australia, but on my next trip to Europe, I will make sure that I make a quick stopover in France to grab some :)

    Luc X


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