REVIEW: Caudalíe Beauty Elixer

Caudalie Beauty Elixer Blog Review

I walked into a pharmacy in Bayeax today and was so close to buying a 100ml of the Caudalíe Beauty Elixer, but I put it back.  I couldn't think why I'd want to repurchase it, other than the 100ml being slightly cheaper when converted to sterling (£23 rather than the £28.80 on

Don't get me wrong, I've nearly finished my 30ml bottle.  I've used it at least every morning since I got it, straight out of the shower before my moisturiser/ serum.  I often use it after removing my make-up on an evening and even the odd time over my make-up throughout the day.  Inspired by the "elixir of youth" used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, this treatment smoothes features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance.'  The Caudalíe Beauty Elixer is massive at the moment and I was swept up in the hope of some miracle product that would minimise my pores and give my skin that 'glow'.  Although I love the refreshing, almost invigorating, feeling the mint balm ingredient gives when first spritzed, I can't say I've noticed any real benefits to my skin.  If I'm honest (which I always am on here!) I can't say that my skin glows with radiance after use.  I've even tried spraying spots in isolation - I've heard heard it's good for acne - though again, I can't say that there was anything life changing.  If any spots dried up and faded any quicker, I didn't notice.

If you want that extra little refresher or wake-up in the morning, this is a lovely little product.  However I'm still not sure if it's a re-purchaser for me.  I've gone through the 30ml bottle really quickly!  Maybe I'm manically spraying too much desperately trying to see an effect, but I think that even if getting the 100ml bottle for £23, that little bit cheaper in France, it is still a little steep for something you're not sure of the benefit.  Who knows, when using up the little I've left, I may have a sudden epiphany and decide to pick up some more when I'm visiting France again in July.  I just can't justify it at the moment though...

Have you tried this cult product?  Let me know what you think of this Beauty Elixer in the comments below!



  1. Ive used up a 30ml bottle and started a 100 ml one because the little one was gone in like 2 weeks. I am hoping to see results at least after the big bottle is gone. I dont even like the feeling of it on my skin and the minty-ness hurts my eyes. I also dont know what the fuss is about. But maybe it just takes some time :/

  2. It's quite refreshing to see something other than a rave review for this! I did wonder if it really was a holy grail type product or just one of those 'nice to use but doesn't do much' fads and as I can't really afford to spend so much on the latter I'm glad I saw this post before I took the plunge.

  3. I love using this although I'm not sure I've noticed any major change in my skin since using it. I will probably repurchase it though just because it's so nice and refreshing, I think it will be lovely to use during hot weather.


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