December Glossybox!

My first ever Glossybox!  Like most followers of fashion and beauty blogs I'd come to know the glossybox rather well, reading countless posts from bloggers, both raving and slamming the monthly beauty boxes.  Although intrigued by the concept from first  having heard about glossybox, I'd held back on subscribing as month after month the contents had failed to leave me jealous from not having received any particular item from a box.  Though the HD Brows palette in the September box come very close!  However if I was ever gonna part with my well earned cash and start a subscription, December was going to be the month to do it, the Glossy Team were promising a very special box for Christmas!

I have to start by being honest say that when my box arrived, once I'd gotten over the prettiness of the limited edition glossy red box itself (perfect for storage), my first impressions of the contents were a little underwhelming, I knew it was definitely good value for money with the quality and size of the samples received, but nothing immediately jumped out.  It was only after closer inspection, and a few days of actually using the products, that I began to appreciate the purpose of Glossybox, the thought put into making the December box cohesive with a 'Christmas Party' theme and begin to appreciate the products themselves.

Cargo Lip Gloss:  I thought I'd start with this product as it's the one which, for me, was most 'blah'.  I'm not a massive wearer of lipgross but I can appreciate it's a very pretty colour  in the tube.  Non sticky, which a bonus, the issue I have with this product is that the colour just doesn't show up at all.  I'm sure it would like nice layered with a lipstick, if your that type of girl, I just don't usually bother!

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Nail Polish:  The standard item in everyones box, and the one I'm most excited about!  If you've read my older post on Nail Polishes, my  follow me on instagram or twitter, you may have noticed that I'm liking glittery nail polishes at the moment.  Razzle Dazzle is perfect for Christmas, the perfect berry colour, and I'm in love!  Apologies for the appauling application in the pictures, I was in such a rush, but you can get an idea of how it looks applied.  It took about 3 light coats to get that finish, and trust me, it's a lot more sparkly in real life.  I've had tonnes of compliments on it!

Ritual Foaming Shower Gel:  I've used this nearly every day since I received my Glossybox a week ago and it's really great!  Mandarin and mint scented, it's quite a Christmassy smell, so has genuinely brightened up my mood in the morning before work!  I also never realised, before using this shower gel, just how frustrated I used to get with the lack of foam my regular shower gel would produce!  The Rituals shower gel really does make shower time feel that little bit more luxurious!

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Facebase:  First thoughts were what a lovely little sample size with very classy packaging, however I wasn't quite sure what to do with product,  moisturiser or primer?  As it's winter and my skin has been feeling quite dry, I've aired on the side of caution and used a light moistruriser underneath, but this a really lovely primer, helping lock in moisture and keep my foundation in place.  Absolutely stunning smelling, again it's another product where Glossybox has got me feeling very Christmassy everytime I use it.  I'm loving the citrusy smell of orange, lime, lemon and manderin!

Blink +Go Long Lasting Mascara:  This is only the product in the box that I've not given a go, and not because I don't desperately want to either!  I'm try to be restrained and save this one, I've got too many mascara's on the go at the moment and also a couple unopened.  Even more so because I've such great reviews on other blogs, I don't want to have this go off after only using it a few times.

So, overall I've benn really please with my first ever Glossybox!  I'm definately gonna continue my subscription for the time being, now I've finally tried a subsription box I'm definately interested in trying out a few more.  Watch this space!

Have you tried Glossbox?  What do you think?  Is there a beauty subscription box that you prefer?



  1. Ohh you got some lovely things in your Glossybox! I'm still so upset that I can't get any of these beauty boxes delivered where I live, it sucks. :( Would love to try out that lipgloss, and the nailpolish looks beautiful as well. <3 :)


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