Picture Update #19

I've not posted a week in pictures in a whole month!  I suppose because I've not had that much time to do some serious blogging I've wanted to spend my time on reviews.  I love these posts though, I know some people are dead against them, but I love a good nosy!  So here you have a full month of my instagram photos!

Chocolate Philadelphia!  |  Poole Sandbanks, on the way to France!  |  Poole Harbour  |  A beautiful old gate in Normandy  |  Chris enjoying the sun on his birthday!  |  D-Day Soldiers on a Normandy Beach  |  Very excited, I'd just bought Bioderma in France  |  My favourite bracelet at the moment  |  Chris speeding about the beach on a windy buggy  |  Beautiful beach  |  Outfit  |  Yellow sparkly nails  |  Loving Pore fessional free with Glamour  |  Lancaster Infinite Bronze a perfect summer bronzer  |  Outfit  |  I've been using a lot of Montagne Jeunesse masks recently, cheap and cheerful!  |  So gutted to have a ran out of my Caudalíe SOS Thirst Quenching Serum, defiantly buying more when I go to France in July!  |  Rosie pug on a girls weekend away!



  1. i need to get some bioderma. i've heard such good reviews about it. just a shame that i can only find it in france so have to get it shipped over.


  2. I'm really enjoying using Bioderma, have you checked out ebay? I think you can get it on there, I think it may be a bit more expensive but it's worth checking out :)


  3. Just stumbled across your blog and we love it!! We're now following, you've got some amazing outfits! xx


  4. I love your maxi skirt! It's so pretty :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  5. I love these posts,m what a cute lil doggie xx


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