Picture Update #10

Christmas lights on Briggate, Leeds, getting shoppers into the Christmas sprit!  //  Rosie pug keeping an eye on the Pugmas* turkey!  //  Beautiful Robin Hoods Bay, where I went for a fabulous girly weekend with 12 friends for Pugmas*  //  Rosie pug enjoying the beach in her cute little Christmas jumper  //  A funky Alpaca at Robin Hoods Bay, these cuties had some pretty silver and turquoise stone necklaces on too!  Very bling!  //  Father Pugmas!*  //  A very festive door at Robin Hoods Bay!  //  We got a tree!  I love the smell of a real tree, it's really Christmassy at home now... especially with the little elf!!  //  I'm totally addicted to True Blood at the moment nearly finished season 4, boooo!!  What on earth will I do for my Eric fix then!!

* A little like Christmas, a holiday weekend away with the amazing Pugster ladies (and Rosie Pug)!



  1. looks like so much fun! you live a good life, huh? ;)

    LOVE the blog!

    love, rach.

  2. @ Jazzy E - Rosie is THE cutest pug ever! Very funny little thing x

    @ Rach - Aww thank you for your lovely message! Yes, it was such a fun a weekend! I wish it it could be pugmas every day! :) x

  3. lovely photos, the pug is so cute! xx

  4. lovely! ♥



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