NEW IN: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Gift Set

Eight Hour Cream Travel BagElizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Gift Set

When I spotted this gift set in the Duty Free shop of the ferry to Cherbourg I immediately snapped it up, I just couldn't believe the price tag was only £27.20!  An absolute bargain when you think that the iconic Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (50ml) is £25 in Boots, and that the classic is and the Lip Protectant Stick is usually £19 in Boots. Again, bargain!

The set, which is packed in a very handy and spacious make-up bag in the signature Elizabeth Arden Red, contains the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protect 50ml, Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Face SPF15 15ml, Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment 30ml, Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment 30ml, Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15.

I've been through a fair few tubes of the classic Skin Protectant, though never had a 50ml tube for so cheap!  Tried and tested since the 1930's as effective at soothing, calming, restoring and relieving chapped, dry, cracked and irritated skin.  I use this on any dry skin, chapped skin round my nose when I have a cold, sunburn and even as a lip balm!  There's something about this balm that makes me feel like I'm really doing my skin some good!  The same goes for the Lip Protectant Skin with SPF 15.  Despite the distinctive Eight Hour Cream smell taking a bit of getting used to at first, this lip balm leaves my lips softer than anything else I've tried!  I can't ever leave it very long before having to repurchase!

All the other products in the set were actually new to me.  All white creams, instead of the classic apricot of the balm and Lip Protectant, they also all have a much more subtle scent.  A plus in my opinion, although I associate the herbal/ medical aroma with nourishing goodness, it can sometimes be a bit overpowering.  Not something you necessarily want ALL over your face or body. Both the Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment and Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Face are fabulously moisturising and great for dehydrated skin, I particularly like the fact the face moisturiser contains an SPF15!  The one disappointment was the hand cream, and this isn't because it's bad, I just didn't find it lived up to my expectations.  I don't particularly have dry skin on my hands but I still appreciate the feeling of a rich hand moisturiser, and the Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment just didn't have that 'rich' feel.  Not that this upsets me too much, I just have to remember that the whole set only cost £27.20!

Let me know if you've tried anything from the Eight Hour Cream range, I'd love to know your thoughts!



  1. Wow what a bargain. My bf is flying next week, will def need to try an get this. Was going to order the 8 hour cream today but i'm going to hold off for this now. Thanks :)

    Elle xx

  2. I always spend more in duty free than I do when actually on holiday, this is suuuch a bargain!x

  3. classic product. i love the smell too-even though they now make a fragrance free one cos apparently people don't like it!! xxx


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