Picture Update #23

My new missguided.co.uk shirt, studs and khaki are my favourite things at the moment!  |  Typical lift photo!  |  Gorgeous sky in Leeds!  |  Some new beauty buys - Sanctuary Spa & beauty cult Hydraluron  |  Swans! |  New Coat  |  Enjoying a mug of tea |  Face!  |  Cosy clothes, lazy day at the parents  |  My new Zara clutch, love it!  |  Eating toffee apples already!  |  Balmi lip balm!  |  Starbuck totally got the name Charlotte wrong!  |  Chris' Halloween outfit!  Mrs Faversham anyone?!  |  Halloween goblet  |  I promised my friend Eddie I'd feature him on my blog, how better to do this than when he's dressed as a devil?!  Go say hi to him on twitter!  |  Chris chilling in the pub  |  I broke out the old Zebra print this weekend!

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  1. Love your studded shirt & clutch. Super cute! xx

  2. Beautiful sky pic, still envious of your coat and I think, I need some zebra print in my life!:)


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