NEW IN: Zara Studded Clutch Bag

Studded Zara Clutch Bag Fashion BlogStudded Zara Clutch Bag Fashion

Just a very quick post to show you all the gorgeous new addition to my wardrobe!  I'd been eyeing up this studded clutch in Zara for some time, though hadn't actually mentioned how much I loved it to anyone other than a very bored Chris who'd ben dragged round the shops.  Well last week my mum surprised me with one!  I was so shocked, I actually thought I'd told her about it!  Just a bit bigger than a large purse it'll be perfect to wear for a night out or a meal.  I can't wait to feature it in an outfit post soon!

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  1. love this!


  2. It's such a cute clutch, Zara is one of my favourite shops to go to!
    Btw I've tagged you in a blogger tag, if you want to check it out it's on my blog :) xxx

  3. Woohoo go Mum, what a great surprise! Such a cool clutch, you'll get so much wear out of that for seasons to come :-)

    Vanessa x

  4. Love this!

  5. Awesome clutch! I love it:)

  6. So pretty, I've had my eye on the primark one for ages, but I might just have to bite the bullet and get this one instead :-)


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