Picture Update #5

I've had another busy week at work :( but here are a few pics from the last week that I thought I'd share with you guys!

The most amazing homemade pizza, made by my dad!  I could've had two it was so nice!  //  I really enjoyed 'colour blocking' my nails this week... though I think people at work thought I was a little crazy... //  The biggest plate of spaghetti bolognese! I actually finished it all though, fatty! :)  //  I dragged Chris to the see Harry Potter.  I loved reading the books as a teenager and think the films are great!  This film marks the end of an era, sad times.

On a side note, I just wanted to let you guys know about my sister's blog.  Lucy lives on the small Island of Gozo, Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean.  Those of you that have read my blog for a while now will Know how much I love visiting her there!  Lucy blogs about life on Gozo, fashion and my beautiful baby niece, Sophia... both Lucy and Sophia look fierce in her latest post!

Thanks guys, and I'll leave you with a pic of us girls :)

Me, Lucy and Sophia <3



  1. lovely photos!
    last one especially is so pretty


  2. oooooh did you see harry potter - i loved it x

  3. @ Cee - thank you! :-) xxx

    @ Kirsty - it was amazing wasn't it! I'm so sad it's over! Gonna have to re-read all the books now!

  4. amazing pictures, especially the last, with your sister and the baby.
    kisses from milano

  5. Grazie Laura! That's very sweet of you :)



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