Picture Update #4


I had a busy week last week with work and other things!  Plus I've really been getting into instagram recently, so here's a very brief instragram filled weekly wrap up!

Tug of war at my works sports day | A little guy I found on freshly bought of bunch  grapes! | My new pet snail making a run for it! | Chris in the fabulous vegetarian Indian cafe, Mango, in Wetherby.  We both had the gorgeous Paneer Dosa, yum! | Some beautiful words about Diwali in Mango cafe | A gorgeous bar of dark Jamaican chocolate we bought on a recent trip to Normandy

I hope you've all had a good week.  I hope this week is a lot quieter for me than the last one!

P.S.  How rubbish is the weather in the UK at the moment?!  I felt like I was wrapping up for winter the morning with my boots, coat and umbrella! BooooOOOooo to the British summer!

P.P.S  If any of you use instagram on the iphone be sure to add me, charlottescollection :-)



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