Picture Update #6

It looks tiny in this picture, but this was the biggest sandwich ever! Very yummy!  //  The crazy British summer, fog in the morning!  // The crazy British summer, part 2, sunshine at lunch!  This and the fog picture were both taken on the same day!!  //  My new ebay focco!  Love it!  Inspired by Laura (links are on her blog)  //  On the train to London, we we went to see Chris' cousin star as Galileo in We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre  //  Me looking moody on my phone  //  Chris sticking his tongue out  //  The National Gallery, London  //  Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square  //  Funny little pigeon perfectly perched on a statues hand //  Chris' cousin on stage, along with Curly Watts from Corrie! Ross was amazing starring as Galileo, I'd really recommend We Will Rock You if you are ever in the West End  //  My new favourite shop, Forever 21!  I wish I had longer to browse but we had to run back for our train!

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