Picture Update #3

I've not done a Weekly Wrap Up in over two weeks! I was pretty busy on the run up to my  holiday to France, and I just plain forgot whilst on holiday... but I suppose you got plenty of pictures from my trip to Normandy :)  Anyway I thought I'd make this wrap up a big one to catch up!

1. Some shoes I fell in love with at Aldo | 2. An adorable picture of my niece, Sophia, who was visiting from Malta a week ago. For more cute pictures of Sophia visit my sister's blog | 3. Krispy Kreme has opened up in Leeds! Woohoo! | 4. I'm loving the maybelline falsies mascara at the moment, and tweeted this crazy picture of my eye as soon as first tried it I loved it so much!| 5. Chris on mini tractor! | 6. A massive French caterpillar! | 7. I spent a lot of time on beaches like this during my recent holiday to France :) | 8. A crazy bright, glittery pink Bentley we spotted in Normandy | 9. The best biscuit store in France! | 10. Me, swinging in the grounds of a beautiful Chateau! | 11. The queue of caravans waiting to get on the ferry back to Britain | 12. The mess Chris made clearing out the shed!

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