Forever 21

I visited London at the weekend.  About an hour before my train was due to depart back home I remembered Forever 21!  So despite having no time to browse properly... and having had more than a couple of vino's... I wondered through it's newly opened doors and quickly picked up a few bit's.

Forever 21 has some absolutely amazing pieces, the few things I picked up really don't do the whole range justice.  I was so rushed but also most of the bit's I absolutely loved only had large sizes left, I was there about 8 o'clock on Saturday night!

I got the 'I heart LA' t-shirt as a present for my sister, she's always loved anything 'LA' branded... not because of the place, it's her initials!  :)  I also grabbed the colour blocked t-shirt because it's a simple classic piece, and the colours will be great for Autumn.  The headband and earrings really caught my eye!  I can't wait to wear the headband on my next holiday to sunny Malta and these earrings will jazz up any outfit!

Have any of you checked out the new Forever 21 store in London?   What did you think?  Or do you live somewhere where Forever 21 is old news?  What are your must haves from the store?



  1. Glad you found some good bits! i went on sunday and found nothing but a belt it was late though and lots of stock i liked had run out, lovely shop though! xx

  2. Sounds just like me, I'm def gonna pop back to London to check the store out properly when all the hype's died down!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


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