Joe Browns A/W 11 Launch

On Friday I attended the Joe Browns blogger event for an exclusive look at their A/W 11 collection.  The Leeds based clothing company hosted a fabulous Mexican themed evening which started with some cheeky (and very strong) margaritas, a great selection of Mexican tacos and a chance for a good old chat with the lovely bloggers attending.  It was wonderful to meet some of fave bloggers, as well as girls whose blogs are now on my reading list!  (Hello again Lucy, Jen, Victoria, Becca, Laura, Kate, Lauran, Jamie, Laura, Hayley, Laura, Laura, and all the other attendees!)

To be completely honest, I knew very little about Joe Browns before the event, so I was really excited to find out more about the company and their products.  I was really impressed with what Joe himself had to say about the origins and philosophy of the company.  Coining their own mantra's, such as 'Fuelled by Passion' and 'Boogie to your own Beat', the guys at Joe Browns really do love to live the adventure lifestyle the collections are aimed at...  It was only around a week before that a number of the team did a sky dive!  The men & women's wear buyers also enthusiastically talked through the inspiration behind the new A/W collections, with fun, adventure and travel being massive themes throughout.

The rest of the evening was filled with a wonderful tour of the offices by Joe himself, a harder than it looks game of hitting beating a Pinata and the opportunity to try on items from the new collection.  It was clear that at Joe Browns, the team is encouraged to let their personality and personal inspirations shine through.  Each department was wonderfully decorated, with pictures and trinkets, from all over the world, to be found on every wall and surface.

Thank you very much to the Joe Browns team for a really great evening!  Also, for the amazingly generous goodie bag, filled with lot's of choccies, a gorgeous cupcake, very cute headband and what I'm most excited about, a voucher to spend at Joe Browns!  I've  got my eye on some of the gorgeous winter knits, but I can't wait for the full A/W range to be released online for my final decision... which I'll share with you on here!  :)



  1. Hey I'm a new follower. Really lovin your blog at the mo :)


  2. Thank you for following Lyndsey! I'm really pleased you like my blog!

    Charlotte xxx

  3. Shinyyyyyy face! Lovely to see you again hun x

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment, lady! Really lovely to hear from you.
    I had heard about this event on another blog and I was saying how awesome and fun it looked compared to some others. Playing games and having strong drinks, and being surrounded my clothes... a winning combination! x

  5. looks like heaps of fun! :)

  6. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks so much for your review! Glad you enjoyed it - really was hilarious watching you guys smashing the pinatas.
    Can't wait to see what you choose from the new collection.
    Best wishes from all the Joe Browns team,
    Becs @ Joe Browns

  7. Thank you for the mention hun! Lovely review and great pics :)

    Much Love,

  8. gutted i missed the piniata! looked like so much fun! was lovely to meet you :)


  9. @ Lucy - Aww sorry, shiny faces all round! It was boiling in there! So lovely to see you again, hopefully see you soon! xxx

    @ Temp Sec - it was such a fun event! Congrats again for making the shortlist chick! You really deserve it!

    @ Viviiana - thanks for the comment hun, it was tonnes of fun! :)

    @ Becs - hello! No prob, was really fun to write! I can't wait to place my order either, gonna study the website properly this weekend :)

    @ Lauran - same to you, you've got a really lovely blog btw! Great meeting you on Fri

    @ Becca - Pinata was a lot of fun! Though I was scared I'd end up with one muscley arm at the end of it! hehe! It was great meeting you, hopefully will get chance to meet again at some point! x


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