NEW IN: Ebay 'Focco' & Fiorelli Bags

I got two new bags recently, and oh how I love them!

Lollipop26 is back, and inspiring us all once again now that she's blogging on buy now, blog later.  After she bought more than a couple focco bag's, I was sufficiently jealous enough to head on over to her recommended eBay store and get myself in on the action!  I've featured this bag already on my blog but I wanted to get you guys a bit more up close and personal, as I love this bag!  I actually wanted the grey one (still do!) but it was sold out for so long, I just couldn't wait any longer that I went ahead and bought the black!  It's my new favourite bag. I been wearing it every day since it was delivered and you can literally fit your whole world in it!  An absolute bargain at roughly £34!

Speaking of bargains, my mum also picked up this stunning Fiorelli bag for me on one of her charity shop trips.  I follow a few bloggers who would love to do a charity shop spree with my mum, few could rival her when it comes to amazing charity shop finds!  This bag is brand spanking new and I think my mum paid around £10, amazing price for a Fiorelli.  This retro, croc-effect style bag has been done by so many of the big designers, Jimmy Choo and Marc Jacobs, that it will forever be a classic piece.  Perfect for work, and everything else!

Bags! Bags! Bags!  Whoop! :)

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  1. I am soooo glad you posted this, I should definatly be purchasing focco bag off ebay! x

  2. I absolutely love the Focco bag!!!

    Gem x

  3. Thanks for commenting ladies, def my new favourite bag! Can't wait to get it in more colours!


  4. I'm so tempted by the Focco bag (even though I have far too many bags already lol) I'm gonna have to get myself an ebay account asap! Loving your blog btw xx

  5. I bought the same Focco bag as you and for the same reason, I saw it on By now Blog later!! I love it so much and will be buying the grey one as soon as I get paid.
    I love the blog but I think it will encourage me to buy more in the future lol

  6. @Sarah - Thank you for the lovely comment. You can never have enough bags! Hehe! Tbh, it's definitely been a good buy, I've had so much use out of it already!

    @Sam - Same, I def want to get the grey one too! Haha! Sorry to be an enabler... there are just so many pretty things in shops! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  7. I will keep popping up to blame you for any new purchases lol


  9. Hi - just to let you know we have 72 Fiorelli Handbags available from different suppliers, all with beautiful photos and all on one page so it's incredibly easy to compare and choose.


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