Matalan & Quick OOTD

To be brutally honest, I've only ever been to Matalan about 3 times in the past.  With it not being conveniently located on a highstreet it's somewhere that never crosses my mind to shop.  Yesterday however I tagged along with the boyfriend when he decided to go, for underwear!

Drop Stone Charm Bracelet 50p (Sale)  //  Silver 3 Blue Stone Tiered Ring £5  //  Claw Drop Earrings 50p (Sale)  //  Multi Bead  Bracelets  £4  //  Turquoise Semi-Precious Charm Bracelet 50p (Sale)  //  Coral Stacked Rings 50p (Sale) 

There was a sale on, which took over most of the store.  I'm guessing it had been on a while as, to be honest, I didn't find much I liked.  What was left was, well.... bleh!  Clothes-wise, all I picked up was a basic striped T.  Nice enough.

What I did find though was great cheap jewellery!  I picked up a few bits for 50p each!  Bargain!  My fave pieces were the silver & blue stone ring (arty / Monica Vinader ring inspired anyone?), the dainty charm bracelet with blue drop charm and the claw drop earrings (Betsey Johnson / Missoma inspired).

A worthwhile trip out, with minimal money spent.  I'm not sure how often I'll go back to Matalan though... not very often I'd think, for some reason it feels like your going of way to get there.  However I'm sure I'll enjoy it the few times I do!

Is Matalan somewhere you often shop?

And here's what I wore...

T-Shirt:  Forever 21
Blazer:  Zara
Ring:  Boots



  1. Pretty jewellery , I normally just go to Matalan for there home-ware section :-)

  2. Thanks Claire. You know, I totally forgot to check out the home section! To be busy rummaging through the jewellery !

  3. Good old Matalan. Stunning jewellery xxx

  4. love all the purchases!! cute blog!


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