November Favourites

This is my first ever monthly favourites post!  I get so much inspiration for new products from reading these posts on other peoples blogs, but it's only just occurred to me to share mine!

01.  I bought the Tangle Teezer about two weeks ago and have not looked back since!  Now that my hair is getting quite long, and with it being in pretty bad condition this little baby has been an absolute life saver throughout November.  It really does quickly and gently get out any those pesky knots!

02.  The good old classic Carmex has helped my lips with that nasty transition from summer to winter that always usually makes my lips horrendously chapped.  I've also been appreciating the menthol smell, it's been quite soothing while I've had a bit of a cold recently!

03.  If you read my Weekly Wrap Ups or follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I've stuck to one nail varnish recently, Models Own Juicy Jules!  I love the disco ball effect of this nail varnish and have had it on my nail constantly, either alone or layered with greys, purples and pinks!

04.  After wanting to try the well known branded Moroccan Oil but not being able to bring myself to spending an absolute fortune, I quickly snapped up this little bottle of Argan Magic when I spotted it in TK Maxx for around only £12!  My hair is pretty dry and damaged at the moment, but after applying this sparingly to the ends of my hair twice a week, it's slowly starting to look healthier and tonnes shinier!  The best thing is I can't see this running out for ages.  Definitely a good buy!

05.  I received a gift voucher from Leeds' beautiful Victoria Quarter for this write up on one of their many fabulous events a while back.  After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided to treat myself to the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser.  I'm not a massive foundation wearer, only really on nights out, so after reading rave reviews about this tinted moisturiser I thought it would be the best solution for my oily and breakout prone skin.  I bought it in September and wasn't convinced at first, I thought it was greasy and smelt funny!  However I turned back to it this month and love it!  The oil soon disappears and leaves my skin looking glowing and nicely covered.  You soon get used to the strange smell too!

06.  When picking up the tinted moisturiser I spotted the Baked Eye Colour in Black Karat, literally winking at me at the counter!  It was such a stunning shimmery khaki colour that I couldn't resist buying myself it.  It's been absolute favourite 'go-to' eyeshadow throughout November.  The colour is so amazing rich when used wet and perfectly suits the metallic trends around at the moment, however my favourite way of using it came about because of my laziness!  Running late for a night out I'd just finished contouring my face and just decided to quickly sweep some bronzer over my eyelids and be done with it, this looked a bit pants so I tried to fix it by roughly sweeping Black Karat over the top, it looked so good that I've been wearing the look non stop all month!



  1. that eyeshadow is to die for. might have to go take a look at it - I'm trying to find the perfect one for xmas!

  2. I adore laura mercier <3 unfortunatly,it doesn't exist in my country!;(

  3. @ Laura - I fall in love with this eyeshadow every time I see it!! It's so versatile, looks great used wet as an eyeliner too! Def check it out next to you're in Harvey Nics or Space NK!

    @ Audrey - I'm quite shocked it's not in Italy! Rubbish! Definitely try to check it out if you visit the UK, some very pretty eyeshadows! xxx

  4. That is such a gorgeous eyeshadow, I didn't know Laura Mercier even did eyeshadows lol. :)

  5. Such a great post! I really love your blog! I am following you now :)
    xoxo, Laura

  6. Moroccan oil is amazing but I've no qualm about trying a cheaper alternative. It is so expensive. I'm trying a Redken and that cost me a tenner less then MO and I'd still consider that too expensive. Will be interested to know if the TK Maxx one works for you. Love the eyeshadow too. Have never ventured in to Laura Mercier make up before, must do soon.


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