Colour Block Blouse

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!  I've had a pretty quiet weekend but it's been really lovely!  I've been so busy at work so it's been fab doing a whole load of nothing!  I instagramed / tweeted about this blouse after I received it from asos on Saturday, I was having doubts about whether to keep it as it didn't seems as nice as I remembered... these things always look a million times better on the model don't they?  But it did slowly start to grow on me, and so many people liked it that it's staying, and now I love it!  I wore it out for a meal Saturday night and also while chilling yesterday, I think it's very versatile, I'll probably even be able to smarten it up for work.

Have you guys been up to anything fun this Bank Holiday weekend?  I went to see American Pie Reunion yesterday, I really wasn't fussed about seeing it but it was pretty funny!  I thought it was actually nearly as good the original!

On a side note, looking at these pictures I really need to do something with my hair!  I love the length but it's so damaged!  Any recommendations to sort out it, or a potential new style?

ASOS Colour Block Blouse  |  Primark Jeans  |  Parfoise Bag  |  Next Olympic Scarf* - Blog post coming up about this! :)  |  New Look Studded Pumps  |  Misc. & River Island Bracelets

It feels really strange asking for something from you guys, but the Cosmo Blog Awards are open for nominations again.  If you enjoy reading my blog as much I love writing it I'd really appreciate your nomination for an award! You can nominate here.  Thanks guys, and don't forget to enter my giveaway!  :)

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  1. I love your blouse! It looks so lovely on you, your shoes are super cute too! I think your hair looks nice, mine is a similar style and I do get bored of mine easily.

    Charlotte xo

    Would love it if you checked out my blog and follow if you like it:)

    1. Thanks Charlotte! Your hair looks lovely, very similar to mine but looks a million times healthier!! :) xxx

  2. I really like the blouse! Glad you kept it.


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