REVIEW: Northumbrian Candleworks

I was very excited to receive these little lovelies in the post last week.  I'm a massive candle fan, which you may have noticed if you follow me on instagram (candle overload or what?!).  This little known company specialises in pretty little handmade, soy based, fragrance candles.  I love how Northumbrian Candleworks candles are completely natural, made from wax created from soy beans... to be honest it had never crossed my mind how regular high street candles are created, but using crude oil seems a little crazy when there's a natural alternative!

These candles are so fragranced!  The Honeysuckle Jasmine* is such a classic perfumed scent, it's fresh and clean smelling.  I seriously feel like I've got fresh laundry on the go all the time the lid is off the tin, and that's not even when it's burning! The Vanilla & Orange* is beautiful too, totally sweet and yummy, but also invigorating... I know it's going to remind me of spring!

The best thing about these candles is the price!  No matter how much I love them, I really struggle to spend a fortune on a candle, I usually get mine a bit cheaper from TK Maxx!  These Northumbrian Candleworks candles start £4.99, and the tea light sets even cheaper, bargain!



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