OUTFIT: Turquoise Jeans

I can't remember the last time I wore these jeggings, I absolutely love the colour but because they're so bright I often struggle to find something to team with them!  We decided to visit Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire at the weekend.  The weather wasn't great, there were some crazy grey clouds but it was quite sunny and not exactly coat weather, so I decided to simply pair my turquoise jeggings with a simple oversized black jumper from Zalando.co.uk.

As far as monastic ruins go, there is quite a lot of Rievaulx Abbey left standing despite King Henry VIII destroying this, and a couple of hundred other monasteries around England and Wales!  I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a history buff so I love nothing more than wondering round historical sites.  The countryside surrounding the Abbey is gorgeous and we had a really fab lunch in nearby Helmsley... I'm surprised I forgot to instagram my food actually!

Well, back to the outfit, I decided to get another focco!  The zip broke on my black one and I missed it so much I decided to just replace it, but with the tan for a bit of a change.  Do you think it warrants it's own blog post? !  :-D

Zalando.co.uk Black Jumper*  |  Primark Jeggings  |  Primark Necklace  |  Ebay Focco  |  Joe Browns Bike Boots*



  1. Lovely outfit, beautiful pictures and you look gorgeous girl:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  2. Love the turquoise pants! So cute for Spring :) These photos are gorgeous! Makes me wish I could go on vacation!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

    1. Thanks! Glad you like the pics Louise! I love little day trips like this, definitely gets me through the wait for my next vacation! x

  3. Your jeans are so cute and I love your necklace



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