OUTFIT: Firenze!

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Hello!  Remember me?!  I promise I'm not purposely only posting once a week - I've got so many more holiday snaps, and a tonne of product reviews to share with you guys, but I haven't really spent much time in front my computer recently... I blame the Olympics!!  (How good gave the games been!?)

Well.  Enough with the excuses for the lack of recent posts!  Here I am at Il Duomo in Florence!  An unbelievebly stunning structure, which I hope comes across in these pictures, all taken on my iPhone as my camera battery was long dead at this point!  The colour and pattern of the marble facade is so vivid I just had take my outfit picture there!  When visiting Florence we actually stayed in a campsite called Campeggio Michelangelo, which had a great atmosphere and evening greater views over the city.

Florence has so much to do and see, I feel like I missed out a bit only spending two days there.  It's definitely on my to visit again list!  If you've ever visited, or better yet if you live there, let me know in the comments what your things to do are!

Topshop Vest  |  Primark Shorts  |  Urban Outfitter Sandals (old)  |  Ebay Focco Bag



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