Picture Update #21

This is a scheduled post... because I'm in Gozo!!  I know I've been a little sparse with the old postings recently but unfortunately I'm not gonna get much chance to post while I'm enjoying the sun!  Do keep up date on my instagram (@CharlCollection) in the meantime though!

Tracking my journey home from work on the bus, such a boring journey!  //  Handmade Burger Co!  //  A super healthy milkshake :-/  //  Olympic Gold Postbox in Leeds!  //  I'm slightly obsessed with Barburrito at the moment!!  //  Checking out the new map on instagram, I'm gonna be tagging plenty more pictures in Gozo over the next two weeks!  //  I went to Beacons Festival last weekend!  //  Wild Beasts at Beacons  //  Tea at Beacons, escaping the rain!  //  A muddy field at Beacons!  //  I've joined the Fabulette Team at The Modern Girls Guide!  Keep checking this great website to catch my contributions!  //  Outfit!



  1. Ooh that milkshake looks amazing haha x

  2. Great pics ^^
    Would u like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?
    Let me know :)




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