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I love the TK Maxx home department, but hate the idea of rummaging through the often jumble-sale style stores for the small chance of finding a little gem!  I was recently introduced to the gorgeous luxury online store ACHICA, which has fast become my new addiction!  No more rummaging through rails and shelves, or being disappointed that a gorgeous item is damaged - something which always happens to me in TK Maxx!

ACHICA is a members only store that offers fabulous brands at discounted prices.  I have to admit that 'members-only' made me think twice, but it's free to join and literally takes 5 seconds to get set up!  With departments spanning everything from home and garden furniture to electrical goods, fashion, food and travel, there is actually something for everyone!  The site works by offering daily shopping promotions, for which you can choose how often you receive e-mail notifications.  The promotions last around 72 hours so you have to be quick if you see something you like, and with  new brands added every day it doesn't take too long to end up hooked!

I've put together a few of the items that I'm watching at the moment.  The Rituals Candle is one of the best examples of the bargains you can find on ACHICA.  Though usually £16.50, you can pick this fig candle up for only £8.50 on ACHICA.com.  The furniture and home accessories departs are my absolute favourite though, it's as if everything has been picked out for my dream house!

Have you ever had a browse around ACHICA?  Let me know if you've picked up any amazing bargains?

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  1. Oooh, such lovely things! And the site seems really interesting as well - do you have any idea if they ship internationally? I'm from Europe. :) x

    1. Hi! ACHICA do deliver internationally and to most places in Europe, there's plenty of info about delivery on their FAQ page :)

      Charlotte x


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