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Don't you just love a bargain!  I picked up this Aztec Jacket in TK Maxx last November for £25 about a week later I spotted it on the AX Paris website about a week later for £55, I love AX Paris but I'm so happy I found the coat in TK Maxx first!  Luckily enough for any of you guys that like this jacket, as TK Maxx stock changes all the time, AX Paris not have the jacket on sale!

The coat actually comes with a lovely black fur collar but, despite the cold weather, some days I just fancy wearing it - it's handy that it's detachable!  There is also a cute little belt to cinch in the waist, but I'm still loving the janitor style that's been popular a while, so just tied it in a bow at the back for a bit extra detail there!  The Jacket is lovely and cosy but can get a bit a nippy with the 3/4 length sleeves, it does look fine with a long sleeved black top underneath though.

Well today things will be getting back to normal for me.  My sister has been visiting from Malta with my baby niece for the last 6 weeks, but they went home today.  Beyond sad, I'm missing them already!  It means a bit of an end to lots of big family getting togethers, lot's day trips, and eating out in fab restaurants... at least for a while anyway!  But in the meantime it's back to nights in at home and making may to work and back, in the snow!  Boo!

TK Maxx Aztec Jacket (link to AX Paris version here)  |  Topshop Baxter Jeans  |  Hunter Wellies  |  (Old) TK Maxx Bag  |  Primark Necklace

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Aztec Jacket Fashion BloggerAztec Jacket Fashion BloggerAztec Jacket Fashion BloggerAztec Jacket Fashion BloggerAztec Jacket Fashion BloggerAztec Fur Collar Jacket Fashion Blogger



  1. Lovely photos, and that cardigan looks super cosy! x

    Tabitha - http://www.scaredtoast.com

  2. Gorgeous cardigan, I'm still loving the Aztec trend :-)

  3. I just found your blog and I loved it!

    If you would like to see mine :


    Have fun :)

    1. Thank you! You have a lovely blog, thanks for stopping by! x

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  5. That jacket is really cute! Stylish but also looks pretty snug for the cold weather :) Your hair is so lush too!

    Robyn Mayday

    1. Thank you Robyn! Love your blog !

      Charlotte x

  6. I love this outfit :O especially that cardigan :O I want to get a pair of Hunters myself but I just want to know if they're comfortable :)


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